Company Profile:
Bee-N Company was established in 2016. The aim of our company is to provide all mother candidates with necessary newborn baby products. ​ The quality of our products is high and our prices competitive. ​ The origin of the products is Turkey. ​The baby wicker basket includes newborn baby needs. These items are for 0-6 months and 0-12 months age groups. ​ The type and manufacturer of our products may change. ​ The total number of the items is forty. ​ Our company can collect and packed baby products according to your request. ​ Our company supplies a standard baby box. However, there is also, ‘Mega and VIP package for our customers which includes more items. ​ Our new package is ‘Mother Set’ which will be used for prenatal preparation. It includes a dress, a pair of slippers, socks and stress ball.

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Established Date: 2016  Tax Office: Yenimahalle  Tax Number: 0410160840  Staff Count: 6-10  Export Specialist: Nurcan AÇIK